Personal full Set
African Blackwood, brass
and holly mounts
key: D
Personal fullset
Full set
Personal fullset
Regulator keywork
Regulator keys
Chanter keywork
Chanter keys

Half Set
Honduras Rosewood, brass
and Boxwood mounts
key: D

Drone switch
Chanter keywork

'O'Connell' half set
African Blackwood, brass,
Maple mainstock and
Boxwood mounts
key: D

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SOLD (Canada)

O'Connell halfset
Chanter and drones
O'Connell chanter
O'Connell midsection
Drone switch
O'Connell drone switch
Eastern Maple clappers
African blackwood fixtures
O'Connell bellows
Bellows outlet
O'Connell bellows outlet
chrome tanned leather
hand stitched
O'Connell bag


made by Boris Favre

Vancouver, BC


Rett Syndrome

imagine the symptoms of autism, cerebral palsy, Parkinson's, epilepsy, and
anxiety disorders...
all in one little girl.
Rett Syndrome
10% of all proceeds from the sale of my bagpipes will be donated to Rett Syndrome research.

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July, 2007

Earlier this month I attended a pipe making & measuring course in Miltown Malbay, Ireland. The class, made possible by Na Píobaírí Uilleann, was held at the Willie Clancy Summer School under the guidance of pipemakers Geoff Wooff and Cillain O'Briain.

blindfold test

Cillian O'Briain with a student
Piper van
Hillery's Bar van
pub session
pub session
pub session
pub session
Boris and Chad
my high school friend
Chad Dughi

Boris walking down the highway
walking to the B & B
after class
fiddle break
a fiddle break
cows along the highway
getting to know the locals
night cap
night cap